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APPETIZERSAsian appetizers: Shu-Mai, Thai Spring Rolls, and Vietnamese Spring Rolls

1A Shu-Mai (6) $4.00
Steamed shrimp mixed with vegetables dumpling, topped with toasted garlic, and scallions. Served with sweet soy sauce.
2A Thai Spring Rolls (2) $4.00
Rice paper wrapped around steamed bean sprouts, fresh cucumbers, shredded carrots, tofu, and thin strips of omelet. Topped with home-made plum sauce and green onions.
3A Vietnamese Spring Rolls (2) $4.25
Fresh rice paper stuffed with crabmeat, vermicelli noodles, green leaf lettuce, carrots, sweet basil, and bean sprouts. Served with plum sauce topped with crushed peanuts.

Asian appetizers: Egg Rolls, Vegetable Croquettes, and Thai Chicken Satay

4A Egg Rolls (2) $3.50
Shrimp mixed with ground pork, cabbage, celery, and carrots. (Vegetarian egg rolls also available.)
5A Vegetable Croquettes (2) $3.75
Blended potatoes, onions, sweet peas and carrots, breaded with wheat flour & potato flakes, then golden deep-fried. Served with sweet & tangy dipping sauce.
6A Thai Chicken Satay (4) $5.75
Marinated chicken strips pan-fried. Served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce.

Asian appetizers: Crab Rangoon, Fried Tofu, and Pot Sticker

7A Crab Rangoon (6) $5.50
Crispy pastry filled with seasoned cream cheese and crabmeat.
8A Fried Tofu (10) $4.25
Crispy bean curd topped with crushed peanuts. Served with light sweet & sour sauce topped with crush peanuts.
9A Pot Sticker (6) $4.00
Vegetable dumpling deep-fried until crisp. Served with seasoning sauce.

Asian appetizers: California Roll, Japanese Gyoza, Chive Dumplings

10A California Roll $4.50
Japanese rice, mayo, avocados, toasted sesame seed and crabmeat, rolled in seaweed.
11A Japanese Gyoza (6) $4.00
Chicken with vegetables dumpling, steamed or lightly pan-fried.
12A Fried Wonton (10) $4.50
Wonton skin stuffed with ground seasoned chicken. Served with sweet & sour sauce.
13A Wasabi Shu-Mai (4) $4.50
Steamed mixed pork with vegetables dumpling, wrapped in Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)-flavored wonton skin.
14A Chive Dumplings (2) $4.25
Soft rice flour patties stuffed with chives. Served steamed or pan-fried with spicy sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Asian appetizers: Garden Rolls, Edamame, and Blanket Shrimp

15A Garden Rolls $4.75
Fresh cut veggies, noodles, pineapple, wrapped in thin rice paper, topped with light dressing. Served with peanut sauce.
16A Edamame $3.50
Chilled, lightly salted soybean.
17A Shrimp Rolls $4.00
Steamed soft rice noodles with baby shrimp. Served with spicy sweet and sour dipping sauce.
18A Blanket Shrimp (4) $7.50
Fresh jumbo shrimp, seasoned ground chicken wrapped with wonton skin, deep fried till crisp. Served with light sweet and sour sauce.

SOUPS & SALADSSoup & Salad: Tom Yum, Tom Kha Kai, Chinese Yetca-mein Noodles soup

1B Tom Yum Soup $4.25
Hot and sour soup with shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon grass, cilantro and other Thai herbs.
2B Tom Kha Kai Soup $4.00
Chicken and mushrooms with a hint of coconut milk in a savory broth.
3B Vegetable Soup $3.75
Mixed vegetables in delicious soy broth, topped with scallions and fried garlic.
4B Miso Soup $3.00
Low-salt, protein-rich soy bean paste with soft tofu, scallions and flavorful seaweed.
5B Chicken & Rice Soup $3.25
Wholesome broth with tender rice, thinly sliced ginger, minced chicken topped with scallions and fried garlic.
6B Beef & Vegetable Soup $4.00
Fragrant beef and herb broth with tender beef, dai-kon, carrots, celery, potatoes and Spanish onions.
7B Egg Drop Soup $3.00
Fresh made Chinese soup with egg scrambled in delicious chicken broth. Topped with scallions and ground white pepper.
8B Chinese Yetca-mein Noodles soup $3.50 sm. $6.75 lg.
Soft noodles with chicken pieces in wholesome chicken broth. Topped with scallions.

Soup & Salad: Yum-Yum Salad, Beef Salad, and Goma Ae

1C Yum-Yum Salad $4.25
Mixed cut vegetables with ginger dressing.
2C Beef Salad $7.25
Medium broiled sliced beef with cut cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and our chef's special seasoning. Spiced to your taste.
3C Chicken Salad $7.00
Sliced chicken spiced with chili powder, cilantro, sliced tomatoes, onion, roasted peanuts and our very own special sauce.
4C Crystal Noodle Salad $6.75
Vermicelli noodle, ground chicken, onions, carrots, sliced tomatoes, roasted peanuts and cilantro flavored with spicy house sauce.
5C Cool Cucumber Salad $4.00
Fresh, crisp sliced cucumber, red onions and lettuce served in a flavorful, low-calorie dressing.
6C Tofu Salad $6.75
Fresh spinach, sliced red onions, strips of seasoned tofu, topped with sesame-peanut sauce dressing.
7C Goma Ae $4.75
Japanese steamed spinach, served chilled with sesame dressing.
8C Seaweed Salad $4.75
Japanese seaweed with sesame seed and light vinaigrette dressing.

BOWLS OF NOODLES BOWLS OF NOODLES: Tom Yum Noodles, Ramen, and Chicken Noodles

1D Tom Yum Noodle $6.50
Thin rice noodles with sliced chicken in hot and sour broth, topped with ground peanuts.
2D Japanese Udon Noodle $7.25
Japanese spaghetti-type noodles topped with sliced chicken, fish cake, green leaf lettuce, minced green onions in a low-salt Miso soup.
3D Ramen Noodle $8.25
Fresh, soft ramen noodles topped with shrimp, sliced chicken, fish cake, dai-kon, spinach, minced green onions in clear chicken broth.
4D Chicken Noodle $6.25
Fresh, thin rice noodles in chicken broth, bean sprouts, green onions and fried garlic, topped with sliced chicken.
5D Beef Noodle $6.25
Fresh, thin rice noodles in beef broth, bean sprouts, green onions and fried garlic, topped with sliced beef.
6D Vegetable Noodle $5.95
Fresh rice noodles with bean sprouts and mixed vegetables in soybean broth.

BOWLS OF NOODLE: Wonton Soup, Bamee, Kang Woon Sen

7D Wonton Soup Noodle $6.75
Chicken wonton, sliced chicken, egg noodles, bean sprouts and green onions in chicken broth.
8D Vietnamese Vermicelli Noodle $6.25
Light, clear broth with thin rice noodles, bean sprouts, green onions, fried garlic and your choice of chicken or beef.
9D Bamee (no broth) Noodle $7.25
Chinese egg noodles mixed with special sauce, crushed peanuts, BBQ pork, ground chicken, green onions and cilantro.
10D Kang Woon Sen $7.25
Clear noodles with Shitake mushrooms, dai-kon, spinach and soft tofu in flavorful soybean broth. Topped with scallions.
11D Beef & Vegetable Noodle $6.95
Egg noodles with tender beef, carrots, dai-kon, onions, celery and potatoes.

STIR-FRIEDNOODLE STIR-FRIED: Chow-Main, Pad Thai, and Pad Se-eu

1E Chow-Mein Noodle $7.50
Crispy Cantonese noodles softened in a delicious brown gravy with bok choy, mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts, celery, baby corn, broccoli, bamboo shoots, onions and cauliflower. Topped with your choice of chicken ,beef or tofu.
2E Pad Thai Noodle $6.95
Thai's most famous noodle dish prepared with thin rice noodles, egg, bean sprouts, green onions and ground peanuts. Topped with your choice of chicken, beef or tofu.
3E Pad Se-eu Noodle $7.25
Flat rice noodles stir-fried in a tasty sauce with egg, broccoli and your choice of chicken or beef or tofu.
4E Lad Nar Noodle $7.50
Wide rice noodles topped with gravy, broccoli and your choice of chicken or beef or tofu.
5E Drunken Noodle (Spicy) $7.25
Fresh wide rice noodles stir-fried with bean sprouts, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, white onions and basil.

NOODLE STIR-FRIED: Curry Noodle, Pancit Noodle, Singapore Noodle

6E Curry Noodle (Spicy) $7.75
Red curry paste, coconut milk, chicken, bell peppers, basil and bamboo shoots over thin rice noodles.
7E Pad Woon Sen $7.25
Stir-fried crystal noodles with carrots, peapods, broccoli, celery, baby corn, onions, napa, cauliflower, mushrooms and egg. Topped with your choice of chicken, beef or tofu.
8E Pancit $7.25
Filipinos fine noodle dish made with extra thin rice noodles, BBQ pork, egg, shredded carrots, cabbage and green onions.
9E Lo-Mein $7.25
Soft Cantonese noodles sautéed in brown sauce with mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts, celery, baby corn, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, and bell peppers. Topped with your choice of chicken, beef or tofu.
10E Spicy crazy Yetca-Mein $7.25
Soft Chinese flat noodles with tofu and veggies stir-fried with spicy sauce.
11E Singapore Noodle $8.50
Thin rice noodles with vegetable, shrimp, BBQ pork and a touch of curry.


(Stir fried dishes served with steamed rice, brown rice add $1)

RICE DISHES: Pepper Steak, Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet & Sour Tofu, Combo Fried Rice, Sautéed spinach, shitake mushroom and garlic, Chicken Broccoli

Pepper Steak $8.25
Choice of Panang, Green, Red or Yellow Curry $7.75
Ginger Chicken, Beef or Tofu $7.75
Basil Chicken, Beef or Tofu $7.50
Teriyaki Chicken or Beef $8.25 / Chicken
$8.95 / Beef
Sweet & Sour Chicken, Beef or Tofu $8.25
Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables $6.75
Sautéed spinach, shitake mushroom and garlic $7.25
Chicken or Beef Broccoli $7.50 / Chicken
$8.25 / Beef
Chicken, Vegetable or Tofu Fried Rice $6.95
Beef Fried Rice $7.95
Shrimp or Crab Fried Rice $8.95
Combo Fried Rice $9.25
(Chicken, Beef, Shrimp)

Extra meat or tofu, add $1.50 / Extra vegetables, add $1.00 / Extra shrimp, add $3.00 / Brown rice add $1.75


Lemonade $2.00
Vietnamese Coffee (Hot / Iced) $2.75 / $2.95
(Individually brewed with condensed milk)
Thai Iced Coffee or Thai Iced Tea $2.75
(Strong brewed, sweetened with cream on top)
Japanese Green Tea or Jasmine Tea (Hot / Iced) $1.95 / $2.00
Iced Tea $2.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Brisk Tea, Mountain Dew, Ginger Ale, Hawaiian Punch $1.10
Jamaican Drinks $2.00
(Ginger Beer, Kola, Cream Soda, Pineapple)
Mango Drink $1.75

DESSERTSDESSERTS: Green-Tea Iced Cream, Lynchee in Light Syrup, Mango Cheese Cake

Iced Cream $3.00
(Lynchee, Green tea, Mango, Coconut, Ginger)
Lychee $2.25
(Exotic fruit in light syrup)
Thai Sweet Custard $3.00
(Coconut milk, egg, palm sugar and sweet mung bean)
Cheese Cake Plain / Mango / Lemon Ginger, Marble, Pecan Caramel, Pineapple Coconut $3.50 / $3.75 / $3.95